I had been suffering with the affects of menopause that had been affecting my intimate life for about three years when my husband began researching treatment options online and discovered MonaLisa Touch and Dr. Veronikis in St. Louis.  Previously, I had no idea this type of laser treatment existed, as my doctor had never mentioned anything to me, and I was nervous to use estrogen with the history of cancer within my extended family.  I had tried some “natural remedies” with zero results. Dr. Veronikis is the “real deal.” He really knows what he’s doing, and is so sincere.  He is positive, knowledgeable and passionate about helping his female patients feel better. He gave me so much hope during my initial consultation when he told me, “I can help you and make you feel better.”  A series of MonaLisa Touch laser treatments has left me feeling like myself again.  The procedures involved no pain - I never felt anything more than the discomfort of a sunburn. Dr. Veronikis and MonaLIsa Touch are both amazing!”

— Teresa, age 57

When I underwent the MonaLisa Touch procedure I was a little nervous and after the procedure, I came out almost bouncing off the wall, saying I cannot believe, there is no discomfort, such a short time commitment. I first began to see results from the MonaLisa Touch Procedure approximately 2 weeks after the initial procedure.

— Sarah

It really wasn’t until I realized that this was my body that was having the reaction due to menopause. I noticed a difference after my first procedure and then going back for the second there was a huge difference.  Between the second and third treatment, a total opening, a softening, receptivity, sensitivity, that I haven’t had for years and years. Probably what MonaLisa Touch gave back to me, it gave me back confidence and made me want to date again. It made me feel like I can have a full relationship.  I feel like I don’t have to hold back any more. I can just bring everything that I have back to the table, because I was holding back before and now I don’t have to.

— Melinda

To find out that there was actually a laser that in 3 treatments could possibly provide me with what I hadn’t been getting in the last 10 years of trying. I was ecstatic. I think having the procedure helps me to feel like I can be in touch with just being a woman again.  It can really affect your self-confidence, your self-esteem. And so I think that was a plus that I wasn’t really considering, that happened.

— Lori

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