Differences Between PicoSure® and Q-Switch Tattoo Removal Lasers

When searching for laser tattoo removal in St. Louis, it is important for you to research the type of laser and energy being used by each provider, as not all lasers are created equal.  Tattoo removal lasers are either “picosecond” lasers or “nanosecond” lasers. The major difference of the devices is the speed at which each delivers energy. The speed of a picosecond laser results in less pain, with fewer treatments, and faster recovery time.


Patient Results

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Q-Switch lasers are nanoseconds (slower pulse)

  • Measured in nanoseconds, a billionth of a second


PicoSure lasers are picoseconds (faster pulse)

  • Measured in picoseconds, a trillionth of a second


The PicoSure laser delivers energy directly targeted to the tattoo ink to remove it faster and in fewer treatments. The PressureWave technology unique to this laser works to shatter tattoo ink without causing harm to the surrounding tissue. The ink particles are then naturally expelled from the body through natural processes. This technology is designed to remove black ink, as well as stubborn multi-colored inks such as blues and greens.